Why do we recommend Neurosurgery in Iran?

Neurosurgery is a very common procedure in Iran. If you are looking for a safe and affordable neurosurgery outside of your country, consider adding Iran to your list of options due to the following three reasons:
Modern doctors who excel and hospitals: The surgical treatment of brain problem in Iran with surgical team who have high scientific and practical experience in conducting medical methods and techniques. Iran – especially in major cities – also enjoys having modern medical facilities that are proud of providing the best medical standards, and these hospitals use advanced equipment and highly professional medical staff work in order to provide the best health care services – including various types of brain surgeries – to patients. Iranians and foreigners.
Attractive prices : Neurosurgery is performed in Iran at an affordable cost compared to other countries, for more information see the cost of Neurosurgery in Iran.
The absence of waiting lists : because you are a person traveling to another country on a medical tourism trip, you will not want to remain on a waiting list for a neurologic operation in Iran, and if you want to perform the operation through a medical tourism institution, it will organize the operation and travel dates so that you do it In just a few days . Make sure to choose a medical tourism establishment that is well known and has a good reputation for providing services to foreign patients.

Neurosurgery in Iran

It is a kind of surgery focusing on brain and spinal cord and everything related to sensory and motor nerve. You can easily trust our professional and experienced doctors and surgical team for your neurology problems .

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