Liposuction surgery in Iran

As the captal of Liposuction surgery in the world
, Iran has a lot to offer for those wishing to have a Liposuction surgery.

    what is liposuction?

    Nowadays, liposuction is commonly known as a form of aesthetic surgery. Among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries, liposuction is a popular choice. Every year there are almost 200,000 cases of liposuction.

    Research shows that being happy with your body shape makes you feel better about yourself and The average life expectancy will grow. So, liposuction can be a very effective way to change how people think about themselves. 15-20% of plastic surgeries involve liposuction to get rid of fat. Plastic surgery prices in Iran differ.

    Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to eliminate excess fat. Lipoplasty and body sculpting are alternative terms for liposuction. After exercise and a healthy diet, if you still have extra body fat, liposuction may be a viable alternative for you.

    The abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and neck are body parts where extra fat creates an unattractive contour. By suctioning away extra fat, liposuction provides these delicate parts of the body with a lovely contour. Additionally, liposuction is done for breast reduction.

    Why Iran is the best country for Liposuction surgery?

    Liposuction is a very delicate surgery, and if you choose the wrong doctor, country, or hospital, you could have a lot of problems.

    In Iran, liposuction is done with the most up-to-date methods. Awatsurgical center has chosen the best and most trustworthy specialists so that you can have this surgery done in Iran in the best way.

    Benefits of Liposuction Operation in Iran

    Specialized surgeons

    We feel that academic training alone is insufficient; a specialist doctor should also have sufficient expertise in liposuction. All our surgeons were interviewed in different phases. Therefore, you may rely on us.


    The finest amenities

    Based on our experience, we compiled a list of your worries and produced various packages for you. We will provide you with the best possible hospital, surgeon, hotel, transfer, and overall experience.

    Reasonable pricing

    Don’t be concerned about expensive pricing with Awatsurgical. We are attempting to provide liposuction in Iran at the highest possible quality and affordability.

    Liposuction surgery

    liposuction cost in Iran

    There are a variety of liposuction techniques available. Since the final price of liposuction surgery in Iran is established after an examination by the doctor, an exact figure cannot be provided.

    Accordingly, prices change based on the specifics of each client’s situation and the number of surgeries required.

    To know the price of liposuction in Iran, contact our experts

    liposuction steps in Iran

    The following is an explanation of how liposuction in Iran works:

    Day 1

    Arrival in Iran. Transportation from Imam Khomeini International Airport to the Hotel. Take a break and a meal.

    Day 2

    You will now be transported to the appropriate clinic where you will get ready for operation. The fat discharge pipes are secured to your body in various places. The requested surgeries are carried out surgically on the affected areas.

    The operation can take anywhere between 3 and 7 hours.

    Day 3

    You will receive a customized food plan for your surgery. This diet is appropriate for the patient’s size, age, and gender. On the third day, you will get intense care at the hospital.

    Day 4

    You are discharged from the hospital. You will be transferred to the hotel and rest.

    Day 5

    On the fifth day, you also have time to relax at the hotel. You are participating in the diet in some way.

    Day 6

    Get a checkup with your primary care doctor. Your surgeon will offer you post-operative care instructions and recommendations.

    Day 7

    The doctor will take off the bandages. The doctor says that you can go back to your country.

    Day 8

    If all goes as planned, you are ready to go back to your home country.

    Each person’s schedule may be different. Depending on how healthy each person is, the number of days may go up.

    Liposuction surgery
    Liposuction surgery

    How liposuction is done?

    Typically, liposuction is performed under general anesthesia, however, local anesthesia may be utilized for liposuction of the lower body.

    The surgeon will designate the areas of your body that will be trimmed of fat. Then, to prevent blood loss, bruising, and swelling, inject an anesthetic and medication-containing fluid into this location.

    Using high-frequency vibrations, a mild laser pulse, or a high-pressure water jet, fat cells are shattered. A tiny incision is made at the proper location, and a vacuum-connected suction tube is introduced into the body (if the area is large, several incisions may be needed).

    They move the suction tube back and forth to loosen and remove the fat. Next, any extra blood and fluid are evacuated from the surgical site.

    The treated region is then sutured and bandaged. This process typically takes between 1 and 3 hours. The majority of patients who have this operation must spend the night in the hospital.

    liposuction techniques in Iran

    Liposuction may be performed in a variety of methods, and the specialized doctor will recommend the approach that is most appropriate for you after doing an evaluation.

    Classic methods of liposuction

    Liposuction is the surgery that has been around the longest. The body’s extra fat is drained in this manner using a device that uses suction. When performed in this manner, it has the potential to cause harm to the veins and nerves that are nearby.

    Tumescent Liposuction

    It can last anywhere from one to two hours, and even up to four hours in extreme cases. The surgeon injects a combined solution of epinephrine, lidocaine, and local anesthesia into the desired area. surgeon makes several tiny incisions of six millimeters in length before removing fat via the canal. It has a lower risk of blood loss compared to other surgeries.

    Laser Lipolysis

    One of the more recent approaches in this field is called lipolysis. To turn fat into liquid, laser technology is utilized. After that, they pull the fat with a machine that uses suction. Laser treatment is administered to regions with less fat, such as the neck.

    Ultrasonic or Vaser

    Through the use of specialized probes and ultrasonic pulses, this technique can break down the cell membrane of the adipose tissue. The waves lose their fat. When the fats have been sufficiently softened, the canola is used to extract the fat tissue.

    High-pressure vacuum

    In this approach, the tube is outfitted with a specialized piece of equipment. The quicker release of fats is made possible by the use of this apparatus.

    Cool Sculpting

    The practice of Cool Sculpting is generally referred to as cold sculpting. There is no requirement for surgical intervention. Your body’s extra fat cells will be destroyed by the freezing process caused by the CoolSculpting machine. Because of this, there is no requirement for any kind of Hospitalization.


    This method is utilized to remove fats, particularly fats that have a reduced lumbar size. This approach does not work very well to reduce the size of the breasts.

    You will reach the desired size in just a few sessions, and the surgery will be complete. Your skin will not be burned in any way by the liposonic treatment.

    Lipomatic or compressed air

    In other words, this product has been approved by the FDA. Lipomatic involves utilizing a canola tube and vibrational vibrations to break down fat cells and then sucking the excess fat out of the body.

    PAL Liposuction

    Since the elimination of fats with mechanical force takes place as a result of the vibration canola, there is no requirement for the doctor to exert an excessive amount of pressure in this manner.

    As a result, the surgeon has a lot of time and accuracy at his disposal to break up the fats in a manner that is more consistent and flexible.

    It is of the utmost importance to select a doctor and a surgical facility that will provide you with an honest assessment of which treatment approach is most appropriate for your disease, taking into account your requirements and the state of your body.

    Liposuction surgery
    Clinic and hospital

    Types of liposuction treatment in Iran

    1- Abdominal lipoplasty

    With weight gain, the abdomen looks unattractive. With stomach liposuction, a lovely body is possible.

    2- An armpit liposuction

    Despite exercising, you still have a great deal of arm fat. Therefore, arm liposuction allows for their elimination.

    3- Liposuction of the hip

    The hip is one of the locations where intense exercise is required to reduce extra fat. So, hip liposuction can make it easier to get rid of this extra fat.

    4- Liposuction of the lower leg and foot

    The calves and ankles, particularly on women, are particularly beautiful. The Achilles tendon is one of the sites where excess fat is particularly unsightly. Therefore, liposuction of the calf and ankle is advised for these individuals.

    5- Liposuction of the chest and abdomen

    The waist and chest are appealing features of both men and women. Liposuction may transform your limbs into a sandy clock.

    6- Liposculpture of the thighs and flanks

    The liposuction of the thighs is conducted on both the outer thigh and the inner thigh. Excess fat is caused by being overweight, obese, and even genetics. Thigh and side fats are only marginally removed. In this instance, liposuction is a suitable method for achieving the desired physique.

    7. Liposuction of the neck

    With aging, loose facial skin becomes unsightly. Consequently, liposuction can make these regions attractive. With liposuction, the neck is slimmed, which enhances facial beauty.

    Liposuction in men

    Men typically get liposuction in different areas than women. Men are most commonly treated on their neck, chest, stomach, and flanks/love handles. Furthermore, men and women have various types of fat. Male fat is enveloped in tight tissue, making it difficult to eliminate. On the bright side, men’s skin is thicker and typically better suited to their bodies.

    Liposuction is a surgery that removes fat beneath the skin by creating very small incisions (1-2 mm) that heal into nearly imperceptible scars. Liposuction is not a weight-loss surgery and should not be regarded as such. However, removing fat from these issue regions can drastically alter a person’s form and look.

    Liposuction has improved significantly in recent years because of the tumescent approach. A numbing solution including adrenaline is administered before liposuction to decrease discomfort and bruising. In addition, ultrasonic or a laser can be used to “melt” fat, making it easier to remove. Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction is commonly done on males to help break up the fat and make it simpler to remove.


    Preparation for liposuction surgery in Iran


    Our team consists of several specialized surgeons who, based on your physical state, are the ideal specialists to treat you. This surgery occurs following an online interview.

    Clinic and medical facility

    The clinics and hospitals are chosen based on your budget and desired services.


    You will be exposed to the three- to five-star hotels closest to the hospital, and you may select one based on your needs.


    Doctor-prescribed meals will be made for you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    * Your diet, including your vegetarianism, has previously been checked by a doctor.


    We provide all of the following services:

    – Arrowed at the airport

    – Hospital and clinic rounds

    – Urban patrol in a day

    Post-surgical care

    After surgery, a particular nurse will be assigned for you to discuss your concerns.

    You must wear clothing that fit your body after liposuction to prevent it from becoming lumpy or out of shape. Liposuction, when done correctly, will correct particular issue locations on the body, resulting in a smooth, natural appearance. Following liposuction, a person should work with their doctor to maintain the results by controlling what they eat and exercising regularly.

    The San Francisco University Medical Center’s research shows that in 2020, Elastic Compression Garments will be covered to help the skin heal after surgery. In Iran, we also take such care to help you get better faster.

    SIM card and network

    The SIM card and Internet will be accessible for an extra fee upon request.

    Assistant and translator

    You will be available to a translator and an interpreter if you apply.

    SIM card and internet

    liposuction surgery aftercare in Iran

    – Iranian surgeons use liposuction tools that are safest for the person and pose the least amount of risk.

    – Using local anesthesia or anesthesia drugs has risks that could be serious if they aren’t used under the care of a specialist.

    – After three to seven days, you can go about your daily life.

    – If you do what our specialist doctors tell you about your diet and health, you will start to feel better in three to four months.

    – We both agree to sign every written agreement we make with you.


    – Consult your doctor before undergoing liposuction.

    – Investigate the surgery’s objectives, risks, advantages, and side effects.

    – Inform your doctor if you have any drug allergies, drinking, or smoking habits.

    – Awat surgical handles all of these details for you. Please contact us.

    Sometimes, liposuction can lead to the following side effects:

    – Uneven surface of the skin in the surgery area

    – Having blood under the skin (hematoma)

    – numbness that doesn’t go away and can last for months

    – Skin color change in the treated area

    – When fluid is injected into the body, it can cause pulmonary edema, which is a buildup of fluid in the lungs.

    – Clots of blood form in the lungs (pulmonary embolism)

    – It’s possible that internal organs are hurt.

    Liposuction surgery

    FAQ about liposuction surgery in Iran

    When can I get back to my normal routine after having liposuction?

    The answer to this question depends on your physical condition and type of operation. Normally, you can return to your daily life after three to seven days.

    After liposuction, how much fat will I lose?

    This value changes based on the section you want, your size, and your health. But you can’t lose more than 10 pounds of fat.

    Does Awat surgical still take care of us after we have liposuction?

    Yes. After surgery, you will be cared for specially by a special nurse.

    How much does liposuction cost in Iran?

    We can’t think about how much this surgery will cost. Because prices depend on the type of operation and the part of the body being worked on.

    Is liposuction surgery reversible?

    If you follow the doctor’s instructions, this procedure is irreversible.

    Is there a risk of embolism after liposuction?

    If you take medical care as directed by your doctor, the risk of embolism (blood clots in the vessels) will be zero.

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