Tummy tuck in Iran

As the capital of Tummy tuck surgery in the world
, Iran has a lot to offer for those wishing to have a Tummy tuck.

    What is Tummy tuck surgery?

    Tummy tuck surgery which is called abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure for those who have flappy stomach with loos skin that happens due to pregnancy or massive weight loss. This surgery helps you to have a flatter look belly. As this surgery has become more popular among people in many countries and as the price of this surgery is cheaper in Iran in contrast with other countries, many people prefer to travel to Iran where you can get the most effective result.

    How long does Tummy tuck surgery take?

    2-3 hours

    What kind of anesthesia is used for Tummy tuck surgery?

    It is performed under general anesthesia. Most anesthesiologists believe this is safer for the patient, since the airway is well protected by the breathing tube.

    How long does it take to recover from Tummy tuck surgery?

    1-2 months depending on your body situation.

    How long do you need to stay in clinic after your surgery?

    1 night

    Tummy tuck
    Tummy tuck

    How long do you need to stay in Iran?

    To ensure your health, you need to stay in Iran for 7-9 days

    When you can go back to work?

    It takes around 10 days for you to go back to work.

    What happens during this surgery?

    During this surgery your excess and loos skin and fat will be removed and your belly muscle will be tightened during a procedure called “plication”. (You need to know that before this procedure you will have liposuction on fat deposit areas of your body)

    What is mini tummy tuck? And what is the difference between mini and full tummy tuck?

    Mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure that makes a smaller incision under your belly. Also the healing time is shorter than a full tummy tuck. Because only small amount of skin is removed from your belly, only few number of people are candidate for this surgery.

    In conclusion, according to the amount of fat and loose skin of your body and the detection of your surgeon, our team will choose the best surgical way for you to improve your life.

    Tummy tuck
    Tummy tuck

    What are different types of tummy tuck surgery?

    • Full- abdominoplasty
    • Mini- abdominoplasy
    • Abdominoplasty 360 (circumferential liposuction+ tummy tuck)
    • Mommy-make over (tummy tuck+ liposuction of sides and breast reshaping)
    • Abdominoplasty with breast augmentation
    • Abdominoplasty 360+ breast augmentation
    • What does Awat surgical team offer to you?

      • Awat surgical team, consist of the best surgeons and surgical assistants and the best anesthesiologists are here to help you with your cosmetic surgery.
    • Your surgery will be done in the best hospital of Iran with the best and advanced equipment in order to ensure your health.
    • In order to eliminate the risk of embolism for our dear patients, we use special equipment known as DVT pomp (also known as Pneumatic pomp) and TED socks during your surgery. Also after your surgery you will get some shots of enoxaparin ampules to ensure your health (based on doctor’s diagnosis)
    • Also, because you are a person travelling from another country to Iran with the help of a medical tourism team, you won’t need to stay in a waiting list.
    • As up to 200,000 cosmetic surgeries are performed in Iran annually and the cosmetic surgeries had a great progression, Iranian surgeons have deeper insights into this operation, and the procedure result are satisfactory. These reasons are enough for our surgical team to become very experienced as they have seen lots of cosmetic cases including tummy tuck.
    Tummy tuck
    • Attractive costs: tummy tuck surgery is performed in Iran at an affordable cost, compared to other countries. Depending on many factors including the doctor, hospital and clinic’s fees, and etc, tummy tuck surgery costs around $2000 – $5000 in Iran (depending on which parts of your body needs liposuction).
    • Last but not least, we present our medical and surgical services in packages in order to support our patient and facilitate your stay in Tehran. Our packages included:
    • 1. Surgery

      Our team consist of many surgeons with different subspecialty including plastic subspecialty. Upon your body type we offer the best surgeon which is the best, based on your need.

    2. Clinic and hospital

    Our team is active in different hospitals and clinics and upon your request we can offer you the best place for your surgery.

    3. Hotel

    We work with a group of three- to five-star hotels in Tehran. Depending on the type of package you choose and the location of the hospital or clinic where you are going to have the surgery, we arrange the most suitable hotel for you.


    4. Food

    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for you. Also, as your food diet after your surgery is important, we provide it in a way which is the best for your healing.

    Note: please inform us if you have any special diet like vegetarians so that we will take into attention.

    5. Transfer

    • Picking you up from the airport and back
    • Taking you to doctor’s office and back
    • Taking you to hospital for your surgery and back
    • Taking you for your photography and preoperative tests and back
    • One night city tour

    6. Nurse

    A professional nurse will be provided for you after your surgery in order to meet your needs.

    Note: We will provide 3 times visit by our nurse to give you special massage in order to shape your body after the liposuction and removing bloody seruma. This massage is very important for getting the complete result from your surgery

    7. Drugs

    Providing the drugs which the doctor prescribes for you


    8. Accessories which you need for your surgery

    9. Photography and preoperative tests

    10. E-visa

    (Note that there is a separate fee for visa that the patient must pay, which is not part of this package)

    11. Translator

    Our translator will be with you in order to help you communicate easily

    12. City tour

    We offer you one night outside visit.

    13. SIM card and internet

    Note 1: This package is optional and if you weren’t interested, we can just support you with your surgery.

    Note 2: our surgical assistant and translator will be in contact with you before your surgery, during your stay in Tehran and after your surgery for fallowing you up.

    What to expect before, during and after the surgery in Iran?

    Before your surgery you will get consultation from our professional assistants and everything will be described for you totally.

    When you arrived in Tehran our translator and assistant will meet you. A contract which includes all our services and commitments and prices will be signed between you and Awat surgical team and all your needs and questions will be described totally. All these procedures are conducted to promote your trust.

    SIM card and internet
    tummy tuck

    Anxiety before surgery is a common feeling. Also when you are travelling from a foreign country to Iran there are lots of other concerns and all these are enough for your full stress.

    First of all you need to know that it is a natural feeling that will happen for each patient.

    Secondly, our team will support you to eliminate all your worries. We will meet all your needs to make you more comfortable.

    Lastly, before your surgery you will be given medicine in order to reduce your stress and feel an ease.

    So stay positive and be ready for your great experience in Iran and change your look like a star.

    During your surgery you are totally unconscious and you will not feel any pain.

    After your surgery a special slimming cloth will be provided for you that you would need to wear it after your surgery.

    After the surgery you can see the result, however, you should wait for a few weeks until the swallowing goes away and your wounds heal totally.

    A light bleeding may occur do not worry about it.

    During the first few days you may have pain that by using your drugs and following your doctor’s order it will gradually goes away.

    Bruising, swelling, discomfort, and skin sensitivity are normal but after few days it will goes away and you can get back to your normal life.

    tummy tuck
    tummy tuck

    After your surgery you may have drains for removing excess liquid in order to prevent seruma accumulation. That will be removed between 3-5 days after your surgery.

    When you were ready to go back to your country we will provide a list of do’s and don’ts for you in order to reduce your healing time.

    Before and after photos

    Take a look at some of our before and after surgery photos to become familiar with our work

    If you think of a tummy tuck in Iran, you might wonder what to expect from the procedure. What results will you get? What does a tummy tuck look like? What is the recovery process like? In this blog, we examine tummy tucks in Iran to give you an idea of the results you can expect.

    A doctor can remove the fats you can remove with exercise and diet in the long term with just one operation. Of course, be careful that after this operation, you must exercise, follow a proper diet, and maintain your fitness. Of course, The best way to lose weight is to have a healthy diet and exercise. Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery technique for the abdomen. Removing excess fat, looseness, and sagging of the abdominal area will make the person fit and create a flat stomach with a beautiful shape.

    Am I a suitable candidate for abdominoplasty?

    Suitable candidates for this procedure include:

    • People who have excess or sagging abdominal skin.
    • People who have excess and accumulated fat in the abdominal area.
    • Women who have recently gone through their pregnancy.

    What is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that makes the abdomen thinner and firmer.

    This surgery involves removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the muscles and fascia of the abdominal wall.

    Generally, people who have a loose and sagging stomach after giving birth or due to losing a lot of weight are suitable for this surgery.

    The goal of a tummy tuck is to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen.

    A tummy tuck will create a flatter, firmer abdomen. A firmer abdomen is achieved through a combination of liposuction and removal of the skin. The doctor will incise Your belly and remove the skin.

    abdominoplasty in Iran

    The muscles will be tightened to remove the skin, and the fascia will be pulled. The excess skin will then be removed, closing the incision. The procedure will take about two hours.

    After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room, where you will be monitored. Once you are stable, you will be transferred to a private room. You will be given a compression garment to wear to reduce swelling. You will also be given pain medication. You will be able to go home after a couple of hours.

    Abdominoplasty in Iran

    • Abdominoplasty is the scientific name of A tummy tuck. They are just two different names for the same cosmetic surgery.
    • Abdominoplasty in Iran is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall.
    • Abdominoplasty is a popular procedure in Iran. Many women have lost their abdominal muscles due to pregnancy and natural aging.
    • Abdominoplasty is a popular procedure among women who have had multiple pregnancies or lost significant weight.
    • Abdominoplasty in Iran can also be performed on men who have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess skin in the abdominal area.
    • Abdominoplasty is a trendy procedure in Iran, as many women in Iran have lost their abdominal muscles due to pregnancy and the natural aging process.
    • Abdominoplasty is performed on women who have had multiple pregnancies or lost significant weight.

    Five tips for having an attractive body after tummy tuck in Iran

    1. Have a healthy diet.
    2. Start walking daily.
    • Adjust the sleeping position.
    1. Use the recommended clothing and belly band.
    2. Drink as much water as you can.

    Who is a good abdominoplasty surgeon?

    A good abdominoplasty surgeon will give you a good result. But there is a massive difference between good and perfect results.

    A good abdominoplasty surgeon will get a good result, but a perfect result requires an excellent abdominoplasty surgeon. So, how do you find an ideal abdominoplasty surgeon?

    You need to be able to trust the abdominoplasty surgeon that you choose. That is why it is essential to do your research and find out about the abdominoplasty surgeon and the clinic that they work out of.

    You should ask the abdominoplasty surgeon for their credentials and ask to see pictures of past patients. This will give you a good idea of what the abdominoplasty surgeon can do and will give you a good idea of what to expect when you go in for your surgery.

    It would be best if you also asked the abdominoplasty surgeon about their experience. Please find out how long your doctor has been performing abdominoplasty surgery and determine what procedures they have accomplished.

    You should also find out what the abdominoplasty surgeon does not do and what your surgeon will not do. If you are interested in getting a tummy tuck, ask the abdominoplasty surgeon if they perform the procedure.

    If you are interested in getting a tummy tuck in Iran, ask the abdominoplasty surgeon if they will use general or local anesthesia. The type of anesthesia that the doctor uses will depend on the type of procedure that you have.

    You should also find out how long the abdominoplasty surgeon has been performing the procedure. The longer the abdominoplasty surgeon has been serving the process, the better. This is because they will be more experienced and will be able to give you a better result.

    Before and after photos of tummy tuck surgery

    These photos are from actual tummy tuck surgery patients. Remember that Results will vary from patient to patient.

    Cost of abdominoplasty surgery

    Several different factors affect the cost of the tummy tuck. The high cost of abdominoplasty depends on the surgeon’s experience, the procedure used, and the surgery clinic or hospital.

    Most health insurance plans do not include tummy tucks, cosmetic surgeries, or related costs.

    tummy tuck in Iran

    The cost of abdominoplasty includes:

    • Anesthesia.
    • Hospital or surgery center.
    • Medical tests.
    • Post-operative clothing.
    • Prescriptions.
    • The cost of the surgeon or doctor.
    • Prescriptions for related medications.
    • If needed, additional medical tests, such as electrocardiograms or specific laboratory tests.

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, tummy tuck costs can range between 8,500 and 10,000 dollars. That estimate considers the surgeon’s cost and the anesthesia and operating room. The average cost of medical services in Iran is about one-fifth of the cost in the United States. Although many patients consider the price of a procedure to be their primary concern, you should never sacrifice the safety and quality of your procedure for a lower price. It is crucial to find an experienced, board-certified surgeon with whom you feel comfortable.

    Why is Iran a good destination for tummy tuck surgery?

    It is because of the following reasons:

    • The average tummy tuck surgery cost in Iran is slightly lower than in other countries. You can also call us to get a more accurate estimate. However, the average tummy tuck surgery cost in Iran is around $6000. The price may vary depending on the hospital, doctor, and surgeon. You should contact the doctor directly to get a better idea of the exact cost.
    • Iran has an outstanding reputation for plastic surgery. The surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. Also, Iran’s average tummy tuck surgery cost is slightly lower than other countries. Sometimes, you can save up to 50% of the price.
    • According to the World Health Organization, Iran is one of the world’s safest medical tourism countries.

    After tummy tuck in Iran

    Steps of tummy tuck surgery in Iran?

    Three general and critical steps should be considered to perform a successful tummy tuck surgery in Iran.

    1. Consultation:

    The first step, considered above all, in consultation with the surgeon

    to perform this action.

    The person should consult the surgeon and inform him of his physical and mental conditions.

    People who want to undergo abdominoplasty should talk to their trusted doctor about their medical history, medications, and allergies. Also, the applicant for the operation must explain his expectations from performing this operation to the surgeon.

    At this stage, the surgeon will decide on the appropriate weight of the operation for the person and specify the type of operation required by the person.

    1. Tests:

    The doctor may prescribe some tests and imaging for the patient. All these tests must be done correctly, and the doctor must check them carefully so that, finally, the person has the necessary preparation to operate.

    • Operating:

    In tummy tuck surgery in Iran, the person is put under general anesthesia. In rare cases, the surgeon may use epidural anesthesia.

    After anesthesia, the surgeon makes two incisions in the abdomen. The tissues and muscles of the stomach are brought together and sutured.

    An incision is made from one side of the femur to the other end of the femur. And another incision is made around the navel.

    After the abdominal tissues are secured, excess skin and subcutaneous fat are removed, and the navel is placed correctly; Then, the abdominal skin is sutured.

    Before tummy tuck surgery

    • Choosing the right surgeon and getting the necessary advice regarding abdominoplasty
    • Performing tests required for abdominoplasty.
    • Informing the surgeon about the operations performed in that area.
    • Inform your surgeon if you have a specific disease.
    • Be sure to attend the hospital on an empty stomach for surgery. The person should only eat something 8 to 12 hours before the operation.
    • Avoid smoking because it affects the wound-healing process.
    • Also, the patient should stop drinking alcoholic beverages a few days before the tummy tuck
    • If the surgeon prescribes you to use a belly band two weeks before abdominoplasty, be sure to use it.
    • If you are allergic to a particular drug, inform your surgeon.
    • On the day of abdominoplasty surgery, be at the clinic on time and bring all your medical and identification documents.
    • Take a bath the night before the tummy tuck
    • After doing the inpatient work, you will be guided to a room to wear unique clothes for the operation.
    • After you are anesthetized in the operating room by the anesthesiologist, you are handed over to the surgeon.

    Recovery from tummy tuck surgery

    Care after abdominoplasty is very critical. The patient may have pain for three days. Also, the doctor may prescribe a gown for the patient, and this unique gown must be worn because it reduces inflation.

    After tummy tuck surgery in Iran, the patient will be hospitalized for one night. The incisions are placed in the natural creases of the belly. These incisions are then stitched and dressed. The patient will be given compression garments to wear post-surgery. These garments will help heal and reduce the risk of bleeding and infection. The patient will be advised to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous activities, and exercises for at least six weeks. It is also essential to wear compression garments for the entire duration.


    • Smoking is prohibited for a few weeks after the operation.
    • A person should take the medicines prescribed by the doctor as prescribed.
    • The person must have a companion; Because at least two days a person should rest.
    • During rest, the patient should lie on his back.
    • The place of stitches should be disinfected appropriately so that the operation site does not get infected.
    • Until complete recovery, a person should not engage in heavy sports activities or lift heavy objects; he can walk and do light sports activities.

    Before and after photos of tummy tuck in Iran

    About stitches of abdominoplasty in Iran:

    For at least one year after the operation, the suture site should be kept away from sunlight, and sunscreen should be used.

    People can use the contents of vitamin E tablets on the stitches and keep the scar moist for a month.

    The suture site must be kept clean to prevent infection.

    From 4 weeks after the abdominoplasty operation, steroid injections can be used to remove the stitches.

    Another way to remove stitches is a laser. A laser can remove the stitches from the abdomen.

    Diet after abdominoplasty

    • After abdominoplasty, people face dryness, making them feel nauseous, so they avoid drinking water, which makes their recovery longer.
    • Drinking water and other drinks are beneficial during this time.
    • After abdominoplasty, use protein-rich foods, such as meat, beans, eggs, etc.
    • It is better to use sufficient amounts of vitamins A and C to prevent infection during this period.
    • Consuming zinc, also found in grains, nuts, and meat, can positively affect recovery.
    • You should eat Fruit, shrimp, and fish a lot during this period.
    • Fresh pineapple helps the healing process a lot.

    Kinds of tummy tuck surgery

    Abdominoplasty surgery is performed in 2 main methods, and the doctor recommends a way according to your physical conditions and expectations from the surgery.

    Mini tummy tuck in Iran

    A Mini tummy tuck is often performed on people with excess fat below the navel.

    The incisions made in a Mini tummy tuck in Iran are much shorter than a full abdominoplasty and are often used for people with less skin and fat. In this surgical procedure, the navel is not manipulated or changed in any way.

    Excess skin between the line created in the bikini area and below the navel is separated and removed. This procedure usually takes between one and two hours. Mini tummy tuck in Iran may require placing a drain under the skin, which is temporary, and the doctor will remove it after a few days, according to their examination.

    Mini tummy tuck in Iran includes:

    • Making a large incision across the lower abdomen.
    • Separating the skin from the abdominal wall below the navel.
    • Removing excess fat.
    • Cut off excess skin.
    • Pulling and bringing together the skin on both sides of the abdomen and suturing it.

    Full tummy tuck in Iran

    Full tummy tuck in Iran is recommended for people who need a lot of correction in their abdominal areas. The amount of excess skin is the factor that determines the length of the surgical incision.

    In this method, after making the necessary incision, the surgeon undergoes many changes in the skin and fat of the abdomen and makes an incision in the umbilical cord, and separates it from the surrounding tissue to improve its appearance. After the surgery, the surgeon may place a drain under the skin to remove excess fluid. Doctors clear the gutters a few days after the surgery.

    Full tummy tuck in Iran includes:

    • Making a large incision in the head to the lower abdomen, parallel to the left side to the right side or vice versa.
    • Making another incision to free the navel from the tissues around it.
    • Separating the skin from the abdominal wall.
    • Aligning and straightening the abdominal muscles.
    • Removing excess fat and skin.
    • Insert a new hole for the navel and put it in place.
    • Pulling and bringing together the remaining skin and suturing it.

    In some cases, the back area may also need surgery in addition to the abdominal area. When there is excess skin on the back and the abdomen, it is better to have a round abdominoplasty. This method removes excess skin and fat from the back, which improves the body’s appearance from all sides.

    Full tummy tuck in Iran

    Tummy tuck risks and complications

    • Abdominoplasty, like any surgery, has its risks and complications. Abdominal surgery risks include:
    • Infection and blood clots are severe risks after abdominal surgery. However, this rarely happens, and antibiotics usually treat the infection.
    • Pulmonary embolism (blood clot), heart attack, or stroke are infrequent complications that may result from any surgery, resulting in blood clots due to post-operative immobility.
    • Skin necrosis is one complication that may require another procedure because the dead skin must be replaced with a skin graft.
    • Although necrosis is rare, smokers have an increased risk of skin necrosis.
    • Quitting nicotine and smoking a few weeks before and a few weeks after surgery will cleanse the body and improve the chances of an uneventful recovery.
    • One of the common problems after abdominoplasty surgery is a fluid collection under the skin. A surgeon can remove the fluid with a needle, which stops within a month and does not affect the final results.
    • Abdominoplasty scars are long, significant, and permanent in appearance. The size of the spot depends on the amount of skin cut, the techniques used for the surgery, the surgeon’s skill, and the body’s ability to heal. Although the scars will never become invisible, it usually takes nine months to a year to smooth out and lighten in color.
    • The risks mentioned are seen in cases where a trained plastic surgeon selects and operates on a suitable patient with very few degrees. Still, the important thing is that you must know and study these things. And then, sign the surgical consent form knowing everything after a sufficient explanation from your surgeon.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Abdominoplasty.

    What is abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)?

    Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery performed to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen and strengthen the abdominal wall muscles. In fact, in this operation, the doctor removes the skin and excess fat from the stomach and gives the abdomen a smooth and firm appearance.

    When is abdominoplasty surgery not recommended?

    In some cases, Tummy tuck surgery is not recommended. These conditions include:

    • Planning to get pregnant soon.
    • Have a severe chronic illness, such as heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, or cirrhosis.
    • Have an addiction; it is better to be a non-smoker to perform this procedure. Smoking is highly harmful to abdominoplasty.
    • Had an abdominal surgery that has created significant excess skin.
    • If you still intend to lose a lot of weight, you should wait until your weight stabilizes and reaches a suitable amount and not do abdominoplasty.

    What are the complications of abdominoplasty?

    Tummy tuck surgery, like other surgeries, has complications. The most important complications of abdominoplasty are:

    • Accumulation of fluid under the skin (seroma).
    • infection
    • Reduction of skin sensations.

    Note: Of course, the anesthesia of Tummy Tuck surgery usually improves after a few months.

    • Bleeding during and after surgery.
    • blood clotting.
    • feeling nauseous.
    • changes in consciousness and senses.
    • Occurrence of adverse reactions to anesthetics.
    • skin color changes.
    • Long-term swelling and bruising.
    • the general feeling of tiredness.
    • prolonging the wound-healing process.

    Steps of tummy tuck in Iran

    How long does recovery take after abdominoplasty?

    The recovery period of this operation depends on many things that are different for different people. For example, the extra fat in your stomach differs from another person, which significantly impacts the amount of rest you have. But Full recovery after surgery takes about six weeks. Swelling in the abdomen may last a few more weeks, but most patients recover completely in three months or less. It is safe to start exercising and resume normal activities at this stage.

    How long is the tummy tuck surgery?

    The duration of the surgery depends on the person’s body and the type of operation. Still, generally, this operation takes between one and five hours.

    Can you get pregnant after abdominoplasty?

    Yes. Abdominoplasty does not affect getting pregnant. But some plastic surgeons recommend doing this operation after pregnancy and childbirth is better. Because after pregnancy, extra fat usually occurs in the abdomen. Also, excess skin will be seen, which will be very expensive if you undergo surgery before and after pregnancy. That’s why experts recommend waiting until after delivery.

    How is Tummy Tuck surgery performed in Iran?

    A tummy tuck is performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center. During tummy tuck surgery, you will be put under general anesthesia – which means you will be completely unconscious and unable to feel pain. Sometimes, you may be given pain medication and moderately sedated (partially asleep).

    What are the uses of tubes placed in the abdomen after Tummy Tuck in Iran?

    In cases after abdominoplasty, plastic tubes called drains are placed in the abdomen to drain fluids and secretions under the skin. These tubes are removed from the body after a few days.

    Is abdominoplasty the best way to lose weight?

    The best way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise. The use of abdominoplasty to smooth and tighten the abdomen is suitable for people who have tried all slimming methods but have yet to achieve the desired results.

    Do people who do abdominoplasty before giving birth return to their original state after giving birth?

    After giving birth, due to the stretching of the skin, some skin may be sagging; it depends on the person’s body.

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