What is Breast augmentation in Iran?

A breast augmentation or breast prosthesis is a tissue that is similar to the breast and in certain cases, with special protocols, it replaces the natural breast tissue. Breast prostheses have different shapes and sizes and their size can be changed. The best breast prosthesis size can be chosen by consulting a specialist surgeon. Most of the prostheses are made of silicone and have the same texture as the breast. A breast prosthesis is something like a miracle for women with cancer who can replace the breast tissue after recovery. A breast prosthesis is a suitable method to fill the empty breast space for women with breast cancer. Sometimes, women use prostheses to improve the shape of the breast. In another definition, a breast prosthesis is also referred to as spongy and bulky tissue that is placed inside the bra cup. In the following, we will explain more about the details of breast prostheses.

Breast Implant Packages at Awat surgical clinic

Breast augmentation in Iran at Awat surgery clinic includes all the steps of breast prosthesis surgery. At Awat Clinic, surgeons and maternal consultants will be by your side during all the surgical procedures, before, during, and after surgery. Today, one of the cosmetic surgeries that have grown significantly among women is breast implant surgery. Statistics show that more than 3 million women around the world have had breast implants in the last 35 years, and this number is increasing every year. Some women believe that their breasts are very small, or their size and shape are unbalanced, or in some women, their breasts have not fully developed, or after pregnancy, weight change, or aging. They have lost and changed their size and shape.

A breast prosthesis is surgically inserted into a person’s body and helps to make her breasts more beautiful. Breast prosthesis makes the breasts more beautiful and shapely. For this reason, it increases women’s self-confidence and makes them fit. This surgery lasts a long time and the prostheses used in it are completely compatible with the body structure. For this reason, the possibility of causing sensitivity or jeopardizing the health of breast tissues after surgery is very low. The results of breast prostheses are completely natural and different people will have well-shaped and attractive breasts by using them.

Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer in Iran

Breast augmentation prices in Iran

The cost of Breast augmentation in Iran must be paid entirely by the person; Because this practice is one of the beauty practices and insurance does not cover it. The cost of breast prostheses depends on factors such as the type of prosthesis used, the location of the clinic, and the level of expertise and skill of the doctor. The important thing is that being cheap does not mean poor quality. Just as being more expensive cannot be a guarantee to trust the clinic and the doctor in question. You should thoroughly research the clinic and choose the best doctor for breast augmentation before doing breast augmentation. To the costs of breast prosthesis surgery, you should also add the costs of consultation sessions and pre-operative tests, and the cost of post-operative examinations and periodical examinations.

Since this operation is not a treatment type and the purpose of doing it will be more beautiful for the patient, generally insurance will not provide you with the cost of doing it. The cost of breast prostheses will vary depending on the place where the surgery is performed, the salary of the doctor in question, and the type of prosthesis suitable for your body. But the main and influential reason for the cost is the choice of the type and company that manufactures cosmetic prostheses.

How is a boob job in Iran performed?

Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, Breast augmentation in Iran is a minimally invasive and safe operation. this is a popular breast surgery in Iran . For the operation of breast prostheses and the application of silicone implants, an incision must first be made in the skin. This incision can be made in different places, which is chosen depending on the surgical technique, the size of the prostheses, and the shape of the breasts. After making an incision, the prosthesis is placed inside the breast. Depending on the initial shape of the breast, the prosthesis can be placed directly under the skin and soft tissue of the breast or it can be placed behind the muscle tissue of the breast. In women with small breasts, prostheses are usually placed behind the breast muscles; Because if it is placed under the skin of the breast, its edges may be identified from under the skin. In some cases, it is possible to give a little volume to the breast by injecting fat so that shaping by prosthesis can be done better.

On the other hand, in women who have enough tissue in their breasts and have suffered from sagging, the prosthesis can be placed on the muscles of the breast and just under the skin and soft tissue of the breast. This will help the breasts and sagging breast tissue to take better shape. Also, sometimes it is necessary to perform breast lift surgery on sagging breasts. These cases, in which part and in what form the prosthesis should be placed, or whether a breast lift is needed or not, will be determined after examination by a plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

Breast augmentation risks and complications

At the beginning of the work, when the results of the Breast augmentation in Iran are not yet fully determined and its side effects have not been resolved, the patient feels bad about his body and feels that his body shape is ruined; But with time, when the prostheses fit in and the side effects of the operation are completely removed, we can witness the satisfaction of the patients with the result of the operation. If a person performs breast prosthesis surgery in a reputable clinic, he will not suffer many complications, and all complications are usually resolved during the recovery period.

Breast swelling, headache, dizziness, and nausea are usually the main and most common side effects of breast implant surgery, which are caused by anesthesia and surgery. In some people, the nipples or the entire breast may lose sensation. This is completely normal and breast sensation returns completely about 1 to 2 years after surgery. Feeling pain, the sensitivity of the breasts, and itching and their apparent inflammation are also other common side effects of breast implants in a reputable clinic.

Usually, the continuation of side effects is an alarm for the patient. Especially if complications progress or show no signs of improvement. In addition, if a person feels severe pain that does not decrease with the use of painkillers, foul-smelling secretions come out of the surgical incision site, and persistent weakness and lethargy develop, you should inform the doctor. Also, the feeling of shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, and high fever are other dangerous symptoms after breast implants.

Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast fat injection is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery in Iran and breast rejuvenation. The method of fat injection into the breast, like other methods of breast beauty, such as breast prostheses, breast lift surgery, etc., has become very popular among women. Fat transfer can be used to make the breasts bigger and more voluminous, which uses the patient’s tissues instead of breast implants. Injectable fat grafting is successfully performed in breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery in patients. Since the fat injection method is a completely natural method, women do not have to worry about the abnormal appearance of their breasts. During the fat injection procedure, fat is injected into the breasts through very small incisions. These small incisions do not leave any scars, so there is no need to worry about the scars caused by the fat injection procedure.

Breast fat injection is not dangerous in itself, But the effects and disorders it may cause can threaten a person’s life. It is important to know that only 30% of the injected fat is absorbed in the desired area in each surgery. Other fat cells, which are dead cells, eventually melt and are cleaned. Therefore, people who seek to increase breast size by injecting fat into the breast may have to repeat this surgery several times. One of the most important risks that fat injection can have is making it difficult to detect malignant breast masses. In many cases, fat injection into the breast causes lesions such as calcification and fat cysts to form. These lesions are usually seen in the mammogram of the breast as a white fog and therefore, make it difficult to detect suspicious masses.

Preparation for breast augmentation surgery in Iran

Breast augmentation in Iran is suitable for all women who want to have shapely or larger breasts. In addition, women who have lost all or part of their breasts due to diseases such as breast cancer or diseases related to skin tissue can use breast implants to correct the shape of their breasts. Before doing the breast prosthesis, observe the following points:

  • At least ten days before the operation, stop taking blood-thinning drugs and foods, herbal supplements, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • According to the doctor’s instructions, do all the mammography tests and check-ups to be sure of the health of the breasts.
  • If you are taking a certain medicine or have a certain disease, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

Types of Breast Implants Used in Iran

The types of breast implants in Iran are divided into two categories. Breast augmentation in Iran is made of different materials. Different types of prostheses do not differ much from each other in terms of quality, and the doctor chooses one of them according to the patient’s condition. The main difference between different types of breast implants is the cost of the surgery, the feeling of comfort, and the location of the surgical incision.

Breast augmentation risks and complications

Saline breast prosthesis: The external shape of the saline breast prosthesis is round and after being placed in the breast, it is filled with sterile salt water or saline. Considering that these prostheses are not pre-filled, they are easier to insert into the body and require smaller incisions. The incisions made for these types of prostheses are also much smaller. The walls of these prostheses are usually made of silicone and are more resistant and stiffer than silicone prostheses. Considering that the filling material of these prostheses is compatible with the body, in case of rupture, it is completely absorbed by the body and does not cause any problems for the person. Of course, doctors do not recommend using it for people under 18 years of age.

Silicone breast prosthesis: As the name of this prosthesis indicates, silicone breast prosthesis is made of silicone and has a gel-like state. The use of this prosthesis is not recommended for people under 22 years of age, and in case of use, a person should be under the supervision of a doctor regularly. The texture of silicone prostheses is more similar to breast tissue and gives a more natural shape to the breast.

Preparation for Breast implants in Iran

For Preparation for Breast augmentation in Iran, The doctor performs examinations on each person to determine which prosthesis size is right for you. By examining the anatomy of the person’s body, he chooses the right size of a prosthesis for each person. Of course, first of all, the experts at the White House talk to the patient to learn about his expectations. It is better to take photos of the desired size of your breasts so that the doctor can choose the best option for you based on your expectations and the actual results of the operation.

Determining the size and location of the breast prosthesis is the responsibility of the attending physician. Usually, thin people cannot use large prostheses; Because in this case, their breasts will find an unnatural shape and become unhealthy. Also, large prostheses cannot be used for people who are older and whose skin has lost its elasticity. Usually, the surgeon determines the size and type of prosthesis and its location according to things such as the patient’s age, skin type, the possibility of pregnancy in the future, and occupation.

Breast implants surgery aftercare in Iran

Breast implants surgery aftercare in Iran includes the following:

  • If you notice any unusual symptoms after breast implant surgery, be sure to contact your doctor.
  • After the breast prosthesis surgery, your doctor will prescribe you a special medical bra, which will have the same function as a dressing and will keep the breasts and the prosthesis in proper condition; It is often recommended that the patient use this bra around the clock for one month after the operation.
  • According to the recommendation of the American Mayo Clinic, any activity that increases your blood pressure and heart rate should be limited until you have fully recovered.
  • If you experience fever, redness, and heat around the surgery site, be sure to contact your doctor.
  • Be sure to change the breast dressing regularly and wash the wound with the ointment and disinfectant prescribed by the doctor.
  • Be sure to avoid heavy activities for two months.
  • Avoid pressure and impact on the chest.
  • Avoid being in inappropriate and unsanitary places.
  • Be sure to use suitable cotton clothes and do not put pressure on the wound.
  • Do not shower for two to three days after the operation.
  • Perform breast ultrasound regularly as recommended by your doctor.
  • Be serious about breast examination and screening breast tests.
  • Do annual mammography regularly to avoid the problem of breast prosthesis rupture.
  • Ultrasound or MRI is necessary when recommended by the doctor.
  • Take chest pain and shortness of breath seriously and go to the hospital immediately.

Before & After Photos of Breast augmentation in Iran

Below, we have prepared pictures for you that show Before & After Photos of Breast augmentation in Iran. These Photos can be good examples.

FAQ about Breast augmentation in Iran

Are breast implants carcinogenic?

No, according to research conducted in this field, breast prostheses do not cause cancer in humans.

Is the only way to shape and correct the shape of the breast to use a prosthesis?

If your breasts are droopy, breast lift surgery is suggested to you to fix sagging breasts. The diagnosis of the type of surgery is determined only by an in-person visit.

Is it possible to inject fat into the breast?

Yes, one of the new methods to enlarge breasts is to inject fat into them.

How long does the breast prosthesis procedure take?

General anesthesia or local anesthesia is usually used to perform breast prostheses. To perform breast prostheses, the doctor usually spends about 1-2 hours in the operating room. The duration of surgery depends on the complexity of the operation, the type of prosthesis, and its location.

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