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Why did you choose us?

who are we? Iran is one of the cheapest and best countries in the world in terms of providing medical services. Awat Medical Services is one of the most experienced institutions and centers in Iran, as it has a professional cadre ready to provide services to all patients from the most remote points of the world. The secret of the foundation’s success is dealing with the most skilled doctors in the field of surgeries and chronic diseases, and signing agreements with the best centers and hospitals equipped with the latest technologies and devices to ensure the best medical results.
The Foundation pledges to accompany you in all stages of your travel, more generally from providing free medical advice before travel, to booking tickets and taking entry visas, reception at the airport, accompaniment during treatment and tourism programs.
Awat Foundation seeks to bring you the best visit to Iran by coordinating the best medical and tourism program with the best quality and reasonable prices.
Our services:
Advice and hotel reservation with medical reservations
Take entry visa and book airline tickets
Luxury services such as providing mobile SIM cards with internet throughout the trip, airport
reception, transportation and tourism programs

High experience
Patient satisfaction
Many patients

Why did you choose us?

Top tour packages in Iran

  • Residence
  • Entry Visa
  • Transportation
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Breast implant
  • Residence
  • Entry Visa
  • Transportation
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Butt Lift
  • Residence
  • Entry Visa
  • Transportation
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Gastric Bypass
  • Residence
  • Entry Visa
  • Transportation
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Gastric Sleeve
  • Residence
  • Entry Visa
  • Transportation
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Our Services

Online directory
Treatment search (medical / cosmetic), information gathering
Consult doctors
Free, accurate and appropriate treatment consultations with various doctors of different specialties
Trip planning
Organizing your trip and hotel reservation after confirming the treatment and travel date by you
Reception at the airport
Reception at the airport and transportation are insured for you during the treatment process until departure
Hospitals and clinics
We work to provide the best quality clinics and hospitals for surgical procedures
Insurance and warranty
In the event of any medical error, we will take care of the costs of repeat treatment, accommodation and tickets
Accommodation and hotels
We provide you with affordable accommodations and a discount on reservations
24 hour assistance
Accompany you throughout your medical trip from the moment you arrive until departure
Contact the doctor
Stay in touch with your doctor after returning to your country in case you need it
Aftercare and follow-up
Follow-up of the health status after returning by phone, video calls, and others
City tours (visiting religious landmarks, visiting tourist attractions)
Recovery period after treatment
After treatment, the doctor will provide advice and counseling service for the post-treatment phase


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