Genioplasty surgery in Iran

Chin cosmetic surgery or genioplasty in Iran is called chin reduction or enlargement surgery.

What is chin surgery?

  1. It is a cosmetic surgery for reshaping your chin that is called “Genioplast”. It is used in these situations:
  2. You have deformity in your chin
  3. You have big and forwarded chin which is more than normal type. (Your chin needs augmentation)
  4. You have small and back warded chin which is more than normal type. (Your chin needs reduction)

How long does Genioplasty surgery take?

1 hour

What kind of anesthesia is used for chin surgery?

It is usually performed under general anesthesia. Most anesthesiologists believe that it is safer for the patient, since the airway is well protected by the breathing tube.


How long does it take to recover from chin surgery?

Around 1 months depending on your body situation.

How long do you need to stay in clinic after your surgery?

1 Day

How long do you need to stay in Iran?

To ensure your health, you need to stay in Iran for 7 days

When you can go back to work?

It takes around 10 days for you to go back to work.


How is genioplasty performed?

Depending on your chin type you may need augmentation or reduction. Generally the incision is made through your gum and the bone of your chin will be cut in control way and will be repositioned in suitable place. After that fixation will be done.

What are types of chin enhancement?

  • Genioplasty
  • Chin implant: (for those with weak chin)
  • Dermal: filler (for those who look for non-surgical ways and need little changes on their chin)
  • Fat transfer: (the surgeon may use the patient’s own fat from another area like abdomen and bring it to inject to chin and other parts of the face. This procedure is usually along with double chin surgery for eliminating fat deposit under your chin to get the best result.)


What does Awat surgical team offer to you?

  • Awat surgical team, consist of the best surgeons and surgical assistants and the best anesthesiologists are here to help you with your cosmetic surgery.
  • Your surgery will be done in the best hospital of Iran with the best and advanced equipment in order to ensure your health.


  • Also, because you are a person travelling from another country to Iran with the help of a medical tourism team, you won’t need to stay in a waiting list.


  • As up to 200,000 cosmetic surgeries are performed in Iran annually and the cosmetic surgeries had a great progression, Iranian surgeons have deeper insights into this operation, and the procedure’s results are satisfactory. These reasons are enough for our surgical team to become very experienced as they have seen lots of cosmetic cases including Genioplasty and chin enhancement.
  • Last but not least, we present our medical and surgical services in packages in order to support our patient and facilitate your stay in Tehran.


Our packages included:

  • Surgery

Our team consist of many surgeons with different subspecialty including maxillofacial and plastic. Upon your nose type we offer the best surgeon which is the best, based on your need.

  • Clinic and hospital

Our team is active in different hospitals and clinics and upon your request we can offer you the best place for your surgery.

  • Hotel

We work with a group of three- to five-star hotels in Tehran. Depending on the type of package you choose and the location of the hospital or clinic where you are going to have surgery, we arrange the most suitable hotel for you.



We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for you. Also, as your food diet after your surgery is important, we provide it in a way which is the best for your healing.

Note: please inform us if you have any special diet like vegetarians so that we will take into attention.

  • Transfer

Picking you up from the airport and back

Taking you to doctor’s office and back

Taking you to hospital for your surgery and back

Taking you for your photography and preoperative tests and back

One night city tour

  • Nurse

A professional nurse will be provided for you after your surgery in order to meet your needs



Providing the drugs which the doctor prescribes for you

  • Accessories which you need for your surgery

  • Photography and preoperative tests

  • E-visa

(Note that there is a separate fee for visa that the patient must pay, which is not part of the package)

  • Translator

Our translator will be with you in order to help you communicate easily

  • City tour

We offer you one night outside visit.

  • SIM card and internet

Note 1: This package is optional and if you weren’t interested, we can just support you with your surgery.

Note 2: our surgical assistant and translator will be in contact with you before your surgery, during your stay in Tehran and after your surgery for fallowing you up.


What to expect before, during and after the surgery in Iran?

Before your surgery you will get consultation from our professional assistants and everything will be described for you totally.

When you arrived in Tehran our translator and assistant will meet you. A contract which includes all our services and commitments and prices will be signed between you and Awat surgical team and all your needs and questions will be described totally. All these procedures are conducted to promote your trust.

Anxiety before surgery is a common feeling. Also when you are travelling from a foreign country to Iran there are lots of other concerns and all these are enough for your full stress.

First of all you need to know that it is a natural feeling that will happen for each patient.

Secondly, our team will support you to eliminate all your worries. We will meet all your needs to make you more comfortable.

Lastly, before your surgery you will be given medicine in order to reduce your stress and feel an ease.

So stay positive and be ready for your great experience in Iran.

After the surgery you can see the result, however, you should wait for a few weeks until the swelling goes away and your wounds heal totally.

During the first few days you may have pain that by using your drugs and following your doctor’s order it will gradually goes away.

Bruising, swelling, and skin and gum sensitivity and discomfort are normal but after few days it will goes away and you can get back to your normal life.

You may feel numbness in your lower lip or inside your mouth that will gradually go away.

Your stitches are absorbable so you do not need to remove them.

When you were ready to go back to your country we will provide a list of do’s and don’ts for you in order to reduce your healing time.


Before and after photos

Take a look at some of our before and after surgery photos to become familiar with our work[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”3393″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The role of the chin in the beauty and fit of the face is undeniable. Chin cosmetic surgery or genioplasty in Iran is called chin reduction or enlargement surgery. In this facial beauty procedure, the shape and size of the chin can be changed with the help of a prosthesis or by cutting and changing the location of the jaw bone. Chin cosmetic surgery consists of a series of bone surgery, prosthesis placement, injection, and chin bone shaping, the purpose of which is to give the chin the right size and shape. Chin cosmetic surgery is one of the beauty procedures that are always highly welcomed.

The chin is a part of the face that, if it does not have balance and proportion with other parts of the face, completely affects the beauty of the face, makes the nose and lips look bigger or smaller, and makes the facial expression out of the normal state. Even very small changes in the size of the chin are very effective in the beauty of the face. Chin plastic surgery is also called genioplasty in Iran. Also, these two operations are performed with two techniques applying a prosthesis or cutting the jawbone and moving it.

Everything about chin surgery or genioplasty

In genioplasty in Iran, one of the chin surgery techniques can be performed to make the chin bigger or smaller, depending on whether the person’s chin is ahead or behind the standard and what the shape of the chin is from the front and back. After examining the person, using the criteria of aesthetic science and the necessary measurements, along with conducting the necessary tests and investigations, the plastic and cosmetic surgeon can determine which method is suitable for the person’s chin cosmetic surgery.

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In small and receding chins, which usually do not have proper growth, the problem will usually be solved with the help of a chin prosthesis or by cutting the chin bone and pulling it forward. Chin augmentation surgery is also suitable for those who are old and the skin or jaw bone has weakened.
With the feeling of dissatisfaction and pain in the chin and jaw, the person’s chin, jaw, and teeth obstruction should be examined and evaluated. There are people whose jaw is too small or too big and the teeth obstruction needs a combination of orthodontic adjustment and jaw surgery. This method used for treatment is called orthognathic, in which maxillofacial consultation and orthodontic consultation must be done at the same time. Jaw surgery is also one of the methods of correcting jaw deformities, which is performed according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

People applying for chin and jaw cosmetic surgery must be examined by performing an X-ray test (radiology imaging). In this image, the amount of bone that must be moved in the surgery is determined, and jaw and teeth injuries that may affect the surgery are checked. There are different methods for jaw and chin cosmetic surgery. To determine which is the best type of treatment for a person, a complete clinical and radiographic evaluation should be done on the patient.

Benefits of genioplasty in Iran?

The biggest advantage that genioplasty in Iran provides for a person is significant changes in the face through a relatively light surgery. Genioplasty can be performed together with rhinoplasty. Proportionality of the chin can beautify the lips, nose, and overall beauty of face. In Iran, the most common reason for performing genioplasty is the back of the chin.
After studying what genioplasty in Iran is and what types it has, it is clear that several factors affect the cost of genioplasty, including the amount of deformity, treatment method, doctor, etc. It is better to contact your doctor’s office to estimate the cost of genioplasty.

Determining whether or not a chin is out of its normal position and how much it needs to be made smaller or bigger depends on an examination by a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. There are criteria for a natural and ideal chin that measure the naturalness or unnaturalness of the chin according to which these criteria are based on the science of aesthetics, which specify how the size, relationship, and proportion between the different parts of the face should be to the person looks beautiful.
For example, the height of the chin compared to the neck should be about 5 cm. Usually, the tip of the chin should be two millimeters behind the lower lip. In this situation, the lower lip feels falsely prominent and protruding. And when this prominence is too much, this situation is reversed. Genioplasty in Iran is usually performed together with jaw surgery, but if the position of the lower jaw and the relationship between the teeth of the two jaws It was ideal to be able to perform chin surgery alone.

Cost of genioplasty in Iran

The cost of genioplasty in Iran depends on various factors, one of the most important of which is the surgical method. Chin surgery can usually be done with two general techniques. The first is the implant or chin prosthesis, which is recommended when the growth of the chin is low, and it is usually used to enlarge or move the chin forward. In this method, a prosthesis is mounted on the jaw bone and gives shape to the chin. In other words, if the growth of the chin is not enough and there is a need to enlarge the chin, a prosthesis is used.

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Another method of chin cosmetic surgery is chin bone osteotomy or sliding genioplasty in Iran, which uses osteotomy to increase growth or decrease growth in all dimensions, as well as symmetrize and change the shape of the chin. In this, the chin bone is cut and moved back or forward. is drawn. Usually, this method is more liked by patients because the natural bone of the person’s jaw is used. Research shows that the percentage of patients satisfied with the results of osteotomy is higher than that of chin prostheses.

How is chin surgery performed in Iran?

Genioplasty in Iran is performed in a hospital or an office that has an operating room. Most people are sedated for this surgery. To start the surgery, the surgeon lowers the lower lip and creates an incision in the space between the teeth and the lower lip. Then the soft tissue is separated from the jaw bone. At this stage, the doctor makes a vertical cut in the chin bone using his saw tool; This vertical cut helps the doctor to cut it straight and not tilt the chin when reducing or enlarging the chin.
Then the doctor makes a horizontal incision in the chin bone. If you are planning to move your chin back or make it smaller, the doctor will remove part of the chin bone and attach a metal plate to the jaw bone with screws to make sure the chin bone stays in place. To make the chin longer, a part of the chin bone is removed and placed at a little distance from the main part of the bone. In fact, in this case, there is some distance between the main chin bone and the bone connected to it, but over time, the bone grows and fills this space.

Types of genioplasty surgery

Osseous or sliding genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty in Iran is used to correct complex deformities of the chin, which are caused by genetics, injury, or disease. This genioplasty procedure is performed to solve problems related to chin abnormalities such as airway obstruction. Because this genioplasty surgery is a sliding type, no bone grafting is needed.

Chin implants

This option is used to correct minor chin deformities and creates a balanced and symmetrical appearance in patients with receding chin.
In addition to the fact that chin augmentation can be performed on those who have had small chins naturally since childhood, it is also considered a method to correct the effects of aging on the face. As the age increases, the skin loses its elasticity; Fat tissues under the skin are also gradually destroyed; The skin of the face and chin sags, and as a result, the chin is seen a little further back than usual. Also, the chin may recede and shrink due to the loss of the jawbone due to injury, disease, or the use of artificial teeth or dentures.

In addition to the appearance problems, in severe cases, the shortness of the chin also causes difficulties in closing the mouth completely. In all these cases, chin cosmetic surgery will be a solution. Enlargement of the chin can be done in two ways, just like reducing it.

Sliding genioplasty in Iran: If the patient’s chin is too small or backward, the shape and size of the chin cannot be corrected with the help of a prosthesis alone. In such cases, sliding genioplasty in Iran is used. With the help of this method, first, the jaw bone is cut and then the chin section is pulled forward. Meanwhile, part of the chin bone may be removed. Then, the plastic surgeon fixes the remaining part of the front of the jaw in place using special titanium plates and screws. Then the incision is sutured. Absorbable suture thread can be used in intra-oral incisions so that it no longer needs to be pulled.

Dermal fillers

In some cases, using filler injections in the skin layers, the shape of the chin is corrected. This method takes less than an hour and often uses a product called Teosyal that is injected into the skin layer. With hyaluronic acid, Teosyal strengthens the natural hydration system, lifting, smoothing, and increasing the elasticity of the skin. This product is produced by Galderma, which is one of the leading manufacturers of beauty products and is one of the safest and most effective beauty products. The filler is either injected or guided under the skin through a cannula. The method of using the cannula increases the accuracy and causes a better result.
Filler injection begins with a consultation to improve the overall appearance, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgery subspecialist evaluates the patient’s face, and the chin is selected as a specific area for injection. One of the most important advantages of choosing hyaluronic acid gel is its lower cost than surgical options, without the need for time off work or a long treatment period. During the consultation, information is given to the clients about the possible side effects of this method and the brand of filler, and the advantages of each, as well as the before and after photos of other patients undergoing similar treatment. At the end of the consultation, the patient felt confident and looked forward to the start of the treatment, and excitedly anticipates the results.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer to the chin and jaw is a non-invasive and non-surgical method that is used to eliminate double chins or angulation and facial modeling. In this process, no cuts are made in the desired areas and the injection usually ends quickly without bleeding or pain. The reliable recorded statistics show that many of those who have problems with the appearance and beauty of the chin by using fat transfer to the chin area can easily solve these problems without leaving the slightest trace. Of course, factors such as a specialist doctor and the equipment used in the process of fat injection to the chin area will also be effective in the safety of fat injection to the chin area.

So, if these factors involved in the transfer of fat to the chin area do not perform their duties well, there is no guarantee for the safety of this technique, and it may cause unpleasant problems in addition to not leaving positive results and effects.
Depending on the skill of the doctor and the level of care of the injected areas by the person who did this, the shelf life of fat injection to the chin and jaw varies from 2 to 6 months. A very important point is also worth mentioning. For the grease to last longer, these greases must be recharged at regular intervals to make them last longer.

Recovery after genioplasty

Care before chin cosmetic surgery

First, you should consult your surgeon if you have any diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, etc. Taking a series of medications should be stopped two weeks before surgery. For example, the use of anticoagulants such as aspirin, anti-allergic drugs, and some vitamins should be controlled.
Since genioplasty in Iran is performed under general anesthesia, you should not eat or drink anything the night before the surgery. On the morning of the surgery, you should be fasting and your stomach should be empty. Also, you may not be able to go to the bathroom for a few days after the surgery, so it is better to shower the night before the surgery. If the doctor prescribes a chin strap or medical facial mask, take it with you on the day of surgery. Wear loose and button-down clothes that don’t need to be worn over the head. It is better to have a companion accompany you from the hospital to home and stay with you for a day.

Care after genioplasty in Iran

• Maintaining oral and dental hygiene during the recovery period is one of the important points that should be taken into consideration.
• After the operation, the presence of pain, bruising, and swelling is a natural reaction of the body and will be resolved over time. Usually, the surgeon recommends the use of painkillers, antibiotics, and hot and cold compresses.
• If the incision site is external, the dressing is removed two days after the surgery. If the sutures need to be removed, this will be done 7 to 10 days after the surgery.
• How many days should you rest? You should avoid eating foods that require chewing, talking, and moving your jaw too much.
• Always keep your head up and do not bend down. For two weeks, when resting or sleeping, place your head higher than your body; Do not sleep on your side to avoid pressure on the jaw.
• Fluids, fresh fruits, and vegetables, including pineapple and kiwi fruit, as well as fish and shrimp, will help you recover as soon as possible. Stop using salt for a month. For three days, it is better to eat only liquid foods such as soup. Because after chin or mouth genioplasty, the patient has a wound, the patient must eat soft foods for a week to 10 days.
• Many patients can do their normal activities 2 weeks after genioplasty in Iran, although full recovery may take up to 6 weeks. But for one to two months, you should avoid any intense physical activity and sports. Also, resume the swimming pool and sauna with the advice of your surgeon.

Swelling after genioplasty

Swelling after genioplasty in Iran is one of the most common cases reported during the recovery period of chin prosthesis, along with a decrease in sensitivity of the lower lip. These side effects are normal after chin deviation surgery and are resolved in less than 3 months. Swelling after chin surgery and reduced sensitivity are more severe in the initial days of the chin prosthesis recovery period, and it may be necessary to stay away from social relations for a few days.
Be sure to do the following points during the recovery period of chin prosthesis and swelling reduction after chin surgery:

• Oral sutures in genioplasty in Iran are absorbable and you do not have to remove them in the hospital.
• As soon as you feel ready to eat, eat naturally; However, at the beginning of the chin prosthesis recovery period, a liquid and soft diet are recommended.
• During the recovery period of the chin prosthesis, wash your mouth with water or with an antiseptic mouthwash.
• Do not exercise for the first ten days after genioplasty in Iran and chin deviation surgery. Also, do not do any heavy exercise for 6 to 8 weeks after genioplasty surgery.

After genioplasty in Iran, the patient must use soft food for one week to ten days. The swelling of the surgery is mostly resolved after a few weeks and completely after a few months. Numbness of the lower lip and front teeth may remain for a few months. In general, there are no special complications in chin surgery, and the above-mentioned cases are completely resolved after a while. In the first few days, there will be some swelling and bruising, and it will take 7 to 14 days for the person to return to normal life activities. The final shape of the chin may not be known until several months after the operation and until the swelling of the chin subsides.


Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Surgery

What are the complications of genioplasty in Iran?

As with any surgery that uses general anesthesia, there are risks associated with anesthesia. Other side effects and risks of genioplasty in Iran include:

Contrary to expectations, chin, and jaw cosmetic surgery is not painful but causes discomfort, especially two to three days after the surgery. Any discomfort usually resolves within two weeks.

Does genioplasty surgery hurt?

This surgery, like any other surgery, may cause minor pains for the patient, which will disappear after the recovery period.

Is it possible to correct the shape of the chin with filler?

Yes, by using special fillers, minor chin-shape problems can be corrected and solved.

What is the difference between genioplasty and chin prosthesis?

Chin prosthesis is also one of the other ways to balance the face by using chin enlargement. In the operation of the chin prosthesis, after making an incision in the mouth or under the jaw, several layers of skin tissue are cut, and after creating an empty area in the tissue under the chin, the prosthesis is placed in that area.

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