1. After filling out the consultation request form, when will I be contacted?

The Avat team’s surgical expert will immediately answer your question via email or WhatsApp call or texting on this app. You can easily share your questions with us through WhatsApp, email, telegram or Instagram.

2. Can I get advice from someone to get a visa and ticket?

The legal expert of Avat team will help you to get Iran visa. As your host in Tehran, we will be able to apply for a visa for you, and we will facilitate the process of obtaining a visa.

3. How long do I need to be in Iran to perform various surgeries?

Depending on the type of the surgery that you are going to do with us, the time that you need to stay in Tehran is different. We need to think about your health and your comfort and then let you go back to your home. Usually our patients need to stay about 7 days in Tehran.

4. How long is the recovery period after the surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you are going to do with our team, the recovery period after it is different. Specific information about each surgery has been provided in this website for you.

5. Can I come to Iran alone for the surgery?

Yes, we will provide everything that you may need for your surgery and you do not need to worry about meeting your surgical needs and everything related to it at all.

6. If I come to Iran alone, will someone accompany me during my recovery?

During your stay in Tehran you won’t be alone. From the time you arrive at the airport until you leave here we will accompany you. Also private nurses will be provided for you according to your needs.

7. Can I be under the supervision of nurses in the hospital during recovery?

We will keep you at the hospital according to your situation. Usually we will keep our patients one night at the hospital to make sure they are able to stay at the hotel. Also you need to know that all the members of our team are professional medical practitioner. So you don’t need to be worried about it.

8. After arriving at the airport in Iran, will someone guide and accompany me to the hotel?

Yes, when you arrived at the airport, one of our assistants will accompany and guide you to the hotel. He/she will be in contact with you 24/7 and whatever you may need you can tell.

9. Is the cost of flight and hotel with the clinic?

We have provided some packages for our international patients which includes everything you may need for you surgery. This package is includes hotel, transfer, food, surgery, hospital and clinic fees, nurse, drugs, visa, translator and etc. you just need to take you flight ticket by yourself and all other things will be provided by us.

10. Which doctors are in Avat Surgical Clinic?

We have different surgeons with different subspecialty in our team. The list of our surgeons and their biography and subspecialty has been provided for you. According to your needs we will refer you to a surgeon that can meet your needs in the best way.

11. Before performing cosmetic surgeries, is a consultation with a doctor done in person?

Yes of course. You need to see your doctor in person before the surgery.

12. Is the doctor fluent in English or is there a translator with me?

The translator of our team will be with you in every situation that you may need help.

13. When entering Iran, where should I get a SIM card?

If you need SIM card we will provide it for you and you don’t need to worry about providing it.

14. Are there plans for tourism in Tehran?

Yes, if you choose our packages for coming to Iran and performing the surgery we also have city tour included in the package and you can enjoy your stay in Tehran.

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