Six pack surgery in Iran

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    Six-pack abs surgery in Iran

    What is six-pack abs surgery?

    Six-pack abs is a cosmetic procedure, used to help you for building a fitness look body which is which is highly demanding and inspiring among young people. Maybe you have tried lots of exercise or hard food diets, but you didn’t achieve your ideal body. This is where six-pack abs surgery could help you with liposculpture technique.

    How is six-pack abs surgery done?

    This cosmetic procedure is performed with liposuction and liposculpture technique. First of all, all the extra fats will be removed and then a thin cannula will be inserted for reshaping and helping your muscle to be more noticeable (As explained before liposuction is used for removing fat from large areas of your body but liposculpture is more modified and is used for people who want to just shape their body and have a more athletic look body.)

    What are different techniques for liposuction and liposculpture to make six-pack abs?

    Laser-assisted method (breaks the fat using laser, and then it will be ejected from the body)

    Power assisted method (breaks the fat using fats vibrating cannula that loosens the fat cells)

    Suction assisted method (a traditional liposuction type with the help of a sucker machine)

    Vaser method (uses one extra step for breaking fat cells using ultrasonic waves)

    Twin-cannula assisted method (as its name shows, it uses two cannula instead of one for removing more fats with less scar)

    Tumescent liposuction (which inject tumescent fluid to the target area for reducing pain and bleeding)

    Body jet and lipomatic (using special devices with the same name for liposuction that protects fat cells for injecting to other parts of the body)

    How long does six-pack abs surgery take?

    Beside creating six-pack, depending on body parts you select for surgery to remove fat, it may differ but it takes around 2-3 hours on average.

    How long do you need to stay in clinic after your surgery?

    1 night

    How long do you need to stay in Iran?

    To ensure your health, you need to stay in Iran for 7-9 days

    When you can go back to work?

    It takes around 14 days for you to go back to work.

    What kind of anesthesia is used for six-pack abs surgery?

    It is performed under general anesthesia. Most anesthesiologists believe this is safer for the patient, since the airway is well protected by the breathing tube.

    How long does it take to recover from six-pack abs surgery?

    1-3 months depending on your body situation. The final result could be seen around 3-6 months.

    What is liposuction 360?

    It is a liposuction procedure that is done circumferential. It is included the liposuction of belly, sides and back and makes you more in shape.

    by liposuction surgery we can make lines on your belly that makes you look more athletic and you can have a six pack look belly.

    Is the result of six-pack abs surgery permanent?

    It really depends on your life-style including your diet and exercise. If you continue routine exercise and gym with good diet, you can keep your athletic look. Even the most professional athletes, would gain weight if they stop exercising.

    What does Awat surgical team offer to you?

    • Awat surgical team, consist of the best surgeons and surgical assistants and the best anesthesiologists are here to help you with your cosmetic surgery.


    • Your surgery will be done in the best hospital of Iran with the best and advanced equipment in order to ensure your health.


    • In order to eliminate the risk of embolism for our dear patients, we use special equipment known as DVT pomp (also known as Pneumatic pomp) and TED socks during your surgery. Also after your surgery you will get some shots of enoxaparin ampules to ensure your health (based on doctor’s diagnosis)
      • Also, because you are a person travelling from another country to Iran with the help of a medical tourism team, you won’t need to stay in a waiting list.


      • As up to 200,000 cosmetic surgeries are performed in Iran annually and the cosmetic surgeries had a great progression that is why Iranian surgeons have deeper insights into this operation, and the procedure result are satisfactory. These reasons are enough for our surgical team to become very experienced as they have seen lots of cosmetic cases.



      • Attractive costs: six-pack abs surgery is performed in Iran at an affordable cost, compared to other countries. Depending on many factors including the doctor, hospital and clinic’s fees, and etc, six-pack abs surgery’s cost starts from $700 for each area in Iran (depending on which parts of your body needs liposuction).


      • Last but not least, we present our medical and surgical services in packages in order to support our patient and facilitate your stay in Tehran. Our packages included:


    Our team consist of many surgeons with different subspecialty including plastic subspecialty. Upon your body type we offer the best surgeon which is the best, based on your need.

    Clinic and hospital

    Our team is active in different hospitals and clinics and upon your request we can offer you the best place for your surgery.


    We work with a group of three- to five-star hotels in Tehran. Depending on the type of package you choose and the location of the hospital or clinic where you are going to have the surgery, we arrange the most suitable hotel for you.


    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for you. Also, as your food diet after your surgery is important, we provide it in a way which is the best for your healing.

    Note: please inform us if you have any special diet like vegetarians so that we will take into attention.



    Picking you up from the airport and back

    Taking you to doctor’s office and back

    Taking you to hospital for your surgery and back

    Taking you for your photography and preoperative tests and back

    One night city tour


    A professional nurse will be provided for you after your surgery in order to meet your needs.

    Note: We will provide 3 times visit by our nurse to give you special massage in order to shape your body after the liposuction and removing bloody seruma. This massage is very important for getting the complete result from your surgery


    Providing the drugs which the doctor prescribes for you

    Accessories which you need for your surgery

    Photography and preoperative tests


    (Note that there is a separate fee for visa that the patient must pay, which is not part of this package)


    Our translator will be with you in order to help you communicate easily

    City tour

    We offer you one night outside visit.

    SIM card and internet

    Note 1: This package is optional and if you weren’t interested, we can just support you with your surgery.

    Note 2: our surgical assistant and translator will be in contact with you before your surgery, during your stay in Tehran and after your surgery for fallowing you up.

    What to expect before, during and after the surgery in Iran?

    Before your surgery you will get consultation from our professional assistants and everything will be described for you totally.

    When you arrived in Tehran our translator and assistant will meet you. A contract which includes all our services and commitments and prices will be signed between you and Awat surgical team and all your needs and questions will be described totally. All these procedures are conducted to promote your trust.

    Anxiety before surgery is a common feeling. Also when you are travelling from a foreign country to Iran there are lots of other concerns and all these are enough for your full stress.

    First of all you need to know that it is a natural feeling that will happen for each patient.

    Secondly, our team will support you to eliminate all your worries. We will meet all your needs to make you more comfortable.

    Lastly, before your surgery you will be given medicine in order to reduce your stress and feel an ease.

    So stay positive and be ready for your great experience in Iran and change your look like a star.

    During your surgery you are totally unconscious and you will not feel any pain.

    After your surgery a special garment will be provided for you that you would need to wear it after your surgery (at least for 2 months)


    After the surgery you can see the result, however, you should wait for a few weeks until the swelling goes away and your wounds heal totally.


    A light bleeding may occur do not worry about it.


    During the first few days you may have pain that by using your drugs and following your doctor’s order it will gradually goes away.

    Bruising, swelling, and skin sensitivity are normal but after few days it will goes away and you can get back to your normal life.

    When you were ready to go back to your country we will provide a list of do’s and don’ts for you in order to reduce your healing time.


    Before and after photos

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