Cat eye surgery in Iran

As the capital of Cat eye lift surgery in the world
, Iran has a lot to offer for those wishing to have a Cat eye lift surgery.

    What is Cat eye lift surgery?

    Canthoplasty which is known as cat eye lift surgery, is a kind of cosmetic surgery, focusing on corners of eyes to make fox-eye look by lifting the lateral part of the eyelid.

    How long does a cat eye lift surgery take?

    1 hour

    What kind of anesthesia is used for cat eye surgery?

    This surgery could be done by local anesthesia by injecting a combination of anesthetic drugs to the surgical field.

    It also could be done by sedation which is a deep sleep but not a total unconsciousness.

    General anesthesia could also be used for this surgery, but is not selective method.

    How much is the recovery time for cat eye surgery?

    Around 10-14 days

    Is the result of cat eye lift surgery permanent?

    It depends on the type of surgery that you would choose. Our assistants will describe it completely for you. It also depends on factors including age and skin elasticity which would happen regardless of the surgery.

    Cat eye lift surgery
    Cat eye lift surgery

    What does Awat surgical team offer to you?

    • Awat surgical team, consist of the best surgeons and surgical assistants and the best anesthesiologists are here to help you with your cosmetic surgery.
    • Your surgery will be done in the best hospital of Iran with the best and advanced equipment in order to ensure your health.
    • Iran is one of the popular destination for cosmetic surgeries including eyelid and cat eye lift surgeries so we have a large number of patients requesting cat eye surgeries. In conclusion, our team has seen lots of cases and are experienced in this field.
    • Also, because you are a person travelling from another country to Iran with the help of a medical tourism team, you won’t need to stay in a waiting list.
    • Attractive costs: Cat eye lift surgery is performed in Iran at an affordable cost, compared to other countries. Depending on some factors including the doctor, hospital and clinic’s fees and etc., an eyelid surgery, would cost something between $1500 and $4000. If a combination of eyelid and cat eye surgery is considered, the costs may differ.
    • Last but not least, we present our medical and surgical services in packages in order to support our patient and facilitate your stay in Tehran. Our packages included:

    1. Surgery

    Our team consist of many surgeons with different subspecialty including plastic subspecialty. Upon your body type we offer the best surgeon which is the best, based on your need.

    2. Clinic and hospital

    Our team is active in different hospitals and clinics and upon your request we can offer you the best place for your surgery.

    3. Hotel

    We work with a group of three- to five-star hotels in Tehran. Depending on the type of package you choose and the location of the hospital or clinic where you are going to have the surgery, we arrange the most suitable hotel for you.

    Clinic and hospital

    4. Food

    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for you. Also, as your food diet after your surgery is important, we provide it in a way which is the best for your healing.

    Note: please inform us if you have any special diet like vegetarians so that we will take into attention.

    5. Transfer

    • Picking you up from the airport and back
    • Taking you to doctor’s office and back
    • Taking you to hospital for your surgery and back
    • Taking you for your photography and preoperative tests and back
    • One night city tour

    6. Nurse

    A professional nurse will be provided for you after your surgery in order to meet your needs.

    Note: We will provide 3 times visit by our nurse to give you special massage in order to shape your body after the liposuction and removing bloody seruma. This massage is very important for getting the complete result from your surgery

    7. Drugs

    Providing the drugs which the doctor prescribes for you

    8. Accessories which you need for your surgery

    9. Photography and preoperative tests


    10. E-visa

    (Note that there is a separate fee for visa that the patient must pay, which is not part of this package)

    11. Translator

    Our translator will be with you in order to help you communicate easily

    12. City tour

    We offer you one night outside visit.

    13. SIM card and internet

    Note 1: This package is optional and if you weren’t interested, we can just support you with your surgery.

    Note 2: our surgical assistant and translator will be in contact with you before your surgery, during your stay in Tehran and after your surgery for fallowing you up.

    SIM card and internet
    Cat eye lift surgery

    What to expect before, during and after the surgery in Iran?

    Before your surgery you will get consultation from our professional assistants and everything will be described for you totally.

    When you arrived in Tehran our translator and assistant will meet you. A contract which includes all our services and commitments and prices will be signed between you and Awat surgical team and all your needs and questions will be described totally. All these procedures are conducted to promote your trust.

    Anxiety before surgery is a common feeling. Also when you are travelling from a foreign country to Iran there are lots of other concerns and all these are enough for your full stress.

    First of all you need to know that it is a natural feeling that will happen for each patient.

    Secondly, our team will support you to eliminate all your worries. We will meet all your needs to make you more comfortable.

    Lastly, before your surgery you will be given medicine in order to reduce your stress and feel an ease.

    So stay positive and be ready for your great experience in Iran. It’s time to change your life!

    Before your surgery, your surgeon will mark you eye corners.

    The incision is made at the site of your hair growth.

    After the surgery you need to use special ointments on your sutures.

    Cat eye lift surgery
    Cat eye surgery

    At first few days you may have headache. Your pain will go away few days after the surgery. In order to avoid dryness and redness of your eyes, the surgeon may prescribe eye drops for you.

    It’s better to sleep on your back for first few days after the surgery. And for 2-4 weeks after the surgery do not wear contact lences.

    Around 2-3 weeks after the surgery your sutures need to be removed.

    When you were ready to go back to your country we will provide a list of do’s and don’ts for you in order to reduce your healing time.

    Before and after photos

    Take a look at some of our before and after surgery photos to become familiar with our work

    What is cat eye surgery or canthoplasty?

    canthoplasty in Iran is a type of plastic surgery performed to reshape the eyes.

    The outer corners of the eyes are supported by muscles that lose their tone over the years; several techniques are used to perform canthoplasty in Iran. The technique of the surgery is selected by the doctor’s will. As a rule, when performing canthoplasty in Iran, a one-centimeter incision is made along the line of the upper eyelid. The incision is made in the natural longitudinal fold of the skin of the eyelid so that the stitches are not visible after the operation.

    When performing combined plastic surgery and blepharoplasty during canthoplasty in Iran – it is possible to use one incision for both interventions.

    canthoplasty in Iran is much more beneficial in terms of the cost of the operation and in terms of reducing the risk of possible postoperative complications.

    Having completed the section, the canthoplasty in Iran gets to the tendon, stretches it, and fixes it on the bone tissue of the outer corner of the eye. After that, stitches and a disinfecting bandage are applied.

    At the same time after canthoplasty in Iran, the skin of the lower eyelid is tightened. This allows, lifting the outer corners of the eyelids, to save a person from a constantly sad expression.

    Canthoplasty in Iran is performed using general anesthesia, although local anesthesia is sometimes possible. After a canthoplasty, it is better to visit your doctor regularly for several days. Usually, the stitches after such an operation heal quickly and do not cause problems.

    After canthoplasty in Iran, the scar becomes lighter and completely disappears from the surface of the skin of the eyelids. The advantages of the operation last for a long. Canthoplasty surgery gives the patient a younger face as well.

    How to choose a canthoplasty surgeon?

    it is crucial to perform Canthoplasty under the supervision of a specialist in eyelid surgery.

    canthoplasty in Iran is a technical procedure that only a surgeon with considerable experience in ornamental eye surgery can perform it

    To choose a canthoplasty surgeon, research ophthalmic surgeon credentials and certification. Having the needed certificates is one of the crucial factors when choosing a cat eye surgeon. This tells you that the canthoplasty surgeon has the training, skills, and experience to grant excellent eye care.

    Before canthoplasty in Iran, you can additionally look up and see if the health practitioner has any clinical complaints.

    To do canthoplasty in Iran and choose the best canthoplasty surgeon, consider the experience of an ophthalmic surgeon.

    The further experience an ophthalmologist has with a complaint or procedure, the better your result will be. Ask about many cases with your particular condition and how the ophthalmologist treated them. However, ask about many cases and learn about the number of complications they’ve endured and the threat of complications, if you need a specific treatment.

    It isn’t enough to train as a surgeon to do canthoplasty in Iran and to be successful in the profession. You must have several particular rates and character traits. A canthoplasty surgeon must be stress-resistant, patient, attentive, and pedantic. In his work, he’ll need guidance, the capability to communicate with people, and an auspicious station, combined with healthy pragmatism.

    Medicine is constantly evolving, and new techniques for performing operations, tools, and materials are emerging. Those who want to achieve maximum career development need to constantly study to be a surgeon.

    By studying scientific literature, attending seminars, and listening to lectures, doctors improve their performance. This not only benefits them but also improves their patients’ chances of recovery. It is impossible not to study in this direction – every 5 years the surgeon must confirm his qualifications.

    Cat eye surgery

    Before & After Photos of cat eye surgery

    Canthoplasty in Iran is an operation to change the shape of the eyes. Women over 40 years of age are most often treated for this operation – with age, the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and often sags. Canthoplasty also helps to change the rounded shape of the eye to an almond-shaped one.

    Canthoplasty among celebrities

    The younger generation of show business stars became interested in Canthoplasty. They are increasingly doing “cat eye surgery” and “ponytail” – the name of the most popular procedures. The twenty-year-old beauties themselves claim that they have never turned to the services of surgeons, but only emphasize what is given by nature, hard training, and a healthy lifestyle. But plastic surgeons are sure about how stars deceive fans and how much it costs to become one step closer to celebrities.

    Canthoplasty among celebrities

    They want to look perfect on their Instagram and are very afraid that they will be criticized for imperfect facial features or body proportions.

    The raised corners of the eyes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are “not just good makeup. Both girls underwent eyelid lift surgery, which in plastic surgery is called canthoplasty or “cat eyes”.

    With this operation, the tilt of the eye is changed, and the eye itself becomes a little larger. Often this operation is combined with a surgical brow lift to make the eyes even wider and look brighter.

    Cost of cat eye surgery in Iran

    A canthoplasty in Iran costs approximately $1,700. It includes fees for the services of a cat eye surgeon, and an anesthesiologist and a fee for a medical facility. The cost of a cat eye surgical operation depends on a range of factors and it is not possible to consider a single cost for all its cases.

    The clinic you choose for this surgery, the surgeon you consider for canthoplasty in Iran, the care required after the operation, such as the use of special drugs, as well as the cost of the equipment used during the operation, are all factors that affect the cost of the operation.

    Result of cat eye surgery

    After the canthoplasty in Iran, there is a slight swelling of the eyes, possibly an accumulation of blood in the form of hematomas. However, the recovery period is very short: usually after a week, patients can return to their previous work. Pain is minimal and can be relieved with painkillers. The thin skin around the eyes has its advantages: it heals much faster than other types of tissue. Therefore, most patients do not experience long-term discomfort after cat eye surgery. The scar stretches along the natural fold of the eyelid, so the traces of the operation are almost invisible.

    Canthoplasty surgery

    After canthoplasty in Iran, the postoperative suture may subsequently disappear almost completely. In any case, it is invisible in the natural crease of the eyelid.

    The result can be observed immediately after the swelling subsides. The effect of canthoplasty in Iran can last more than 10 years.

    Our clinics are equipped with the latest equipment that plastic surgeons have mastered to perfection. That is why the recovery period is minimal after canthoplasty in Iran, and the operational traces are completely invisible. Also, a disputable plus is the complete confidentiality of each patient.

    It must be understood that in the case of various plastic manipulations, the qualification of a doctor is very important. In Iran, strict quality control is carried out, especially with patients from abroad.

    Performing canthoplasty in Iran guarantees patients a positive result and the safety of correction. The operation is performed by highly qualified surgeons with extensive experience.

    Who is a good candidate for canthoplasty?

    The eyelids protect the eyes by closing them and act as a natural barrier against any foreign material. Blinking moistens the eyes.

    Improper position of the eyelid can damage the eyes, and improper functioning of the eyelid can make it difficult to see. Canthoplasty may be considered necessary when there are:

    • Droopy eyelids, where the upper eyelid physically droops down, obstructing vision.
    • Revision procedure (canthoplasty), to correct misalignment of the eyelid after previous eye surgery.
    • Ectropion (a disease in which the lower eyelid turns outward from the eye (.
    • Entropion (a condition in which the lower eyelid turns towards the eyeball and causes irritation.)
    • An eye injury, paralysis, or hereditary disease that may be causing problems.

    Planning a trip to Iran for cat eye surgery

    Medical, bulging due to myopia, high pressure on the eyeball, eversion of the eyelid and the need to strengthen the muscles of the lower eyelid, narrowing of the palpebral fissure (congenital or acquired due to trauma), partial fusion or shortening of the palpebral fissure (usually after injuries or burns), trachomatous torsion of the eyelids.

    By resorting to such a correction as canthoplasty, you can “naturally” raise the corners of the eyes, model the almond shape, and make the eyes more expressive.

    Recovery from cat eye surgery

    Canthoplasty in Iran is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require a long recovery period. It is a same-day procedure and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

    Discomfort, swelling, and minimal bruising may be noticed after surgery, but most patients return to social conditions after about a week. Patients need to carefully follow postoperative recommendations to ensure proper healing and achieve aesthetic results.

    After surgery, soreness, bruising, and swelling around the eye are common for about 7-10 days. Patients should sleep on their backs, wear glasses instead of contact lenses, and avoid eye strain. They should also avoid exercise, eye rubbing, and wearing makeup.

    In some cases, after canthoplasty in Iran, people may notice blurred vision. This change is temporary and will return to normal without any intervention. Patients should avoid watching TV, reading, or watching their phones for long periods. Contact lenses are prohibited for several weeks after the procedure.

    Full recovery after canthoplasty in Iran takes approximately two to four weeks. It is important to follow the surgeon’s postoperative instructions and attend scheduled follow-up appointments on time.

    Result of cat eye surgery

    After doing a canthoplasty in Iran, it is recommended to sleep on a high pillow and only on your back. After 10 days, to speed up the healing process, you can start physiotherapy and ultrasound. The recovery period takes 2 months.

    Planning a trip to Iran for cat eye surgery

    Among the various countries excelling in plastic surgery, canthoplasty in Iran has earned well-deserved fame for all the right reasons. Iran, which boasts the largest number of plastic surgeries in the world, is also recognized as the “Capital of Plastic Surgery”. Clinics in Iran have gained immense popularity on a global scale, from accommodating qualified medical staff and experienced surgeons to state-of-the-art medical facilities.

    canthoplasty in Iran accounts for nearly half of Iran’s total medical tourists, making it one of the most competitive and thriving markets in the country. Many clinics and hospitals perform various plastic surgeries. Each of them has well-organized premises, which makes it a serious competitor to the largest countries in the world.

    Although plastic surgery is performed in almost every major country in the world, there are several reasons to take advantage of Canthoplasty in Iran. The clinics in this country are known to practice some of the safest approaches that minimize the risks associated with the procedure. Before any procedure is performed, the candidate’s history is carefully reviewed and any chronic illness in the candidate’s medical history is taken into account. The procedure adopted for the candidate is determined based on a noteworthy medical history.

    The surgeons who perform canthoplasty in Iran are world-famous and have many years of experience. Each Canthoplasty surgeon in Iran is known for their exceptional skill and precision in performing procedures. All of the medical professionals assisting candidates are also known for holding relevant degrees from top medical universities, making them diligent and experienced. It is known that every medical worker undergoes rigorous training to stay up to date with modern advances, as a large number of plastic surgery clinics in Iran have adopted robotic surgeries and advanced technology to perform most of the surgeries.

    Cost of cat eye surgery in Iran

    To achieve maximum results after canthoplasty in Iran, the surgeon may consider it necessary to combine canthoplasty with other corrections, such as canthopexy (surgery to correct sagging lower eyelids) or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). In addition, although canthoplasty in Iran involves lifting the corners of the eyelids, wrinkles are not removed during this operation: to eliminate the complications, the operation can be supplemented with contouring (Botox injections or fillers with hyaluronic acid).

    Frequently Asked Questions about Canthoplasty in Iran

    1. What is the difference Between Canthoplasty and Blepharoplasty?

    Canthoplasty surgery should not be confused with blepharoplasty, which is another form of eyelid plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty removes excess skin, muscle, and possibly fat from the lower or upper eyelid to make the eye appear younger, although the operation does not change the shape or size of the eye. Canthoplasty, on the other hand, is a cosmetic surgery technique that lifts the outer corner of the eye, reshapes the eye to a more almond-shaped shape, and enlarges the palpebral fissure. As a result, the eyes appear brighter and larger.

    1. Before & After Photos of cat eye surgery
    2. What are the stages of canthoplasty?

    Before the operation, the surgeon measures the patient’s eyes and applies skin markings. After anesthesia and aseptic processing of the surgical field, the main stage of the operation follows:

    1. Dissection of tissues from the corner of the eye, according to the markup.
    2. Removal of excess tissue (if indicated).
    3. Fixation of the lower eyelid with surgical threads.
    4. Comparison of the upper and lower eyelids, the formation of the required angle.
    5. Suturing the edges of the wound.
    6. What are the cares after cat eye surgery?
    • Take antibiotics to prevent infection and heal wounds.
    • Avoid bright sunlight.
    • Within two weeks do not visit the sauna and swimming pool.
    • Wash with moderately warm water.
    • Exclude sports for two weeks.
    • Limit alcohol and smoking for a week.
    • Wear sunglasses when going outside.
    • Limit any activities that increase eye pressure (watching TV and working at a computer, reading).
    • Do not wear contact lenses.
    • Don’t tilt your head down.
    • Wash your eyes only with cotton swabs, without pressing on the eyeball.
    1. Is Canthoplasty safe?

    The operation is safe. Does not affect the optic nerve and does not impair the quality of vision. A medical examination carried out before the operation guarantees the absence of contraindications to its implementation.

    1. What are the tests for canthoplasty in Iran? 
    • Tests for general anesthesia
    • General urine analysis
    • General blood analysis
    • Blood type, Rh factor
    • Glucose
    • Clotting time
    • Protein, bilirubin, urea, creatinine
    • HIV, RW
    • Hepatitis B and C
    • ECG
    • Fluor gram
    • Ophthalmologist’s consultation
    • Intraocular pressure
    • IgM, IgG

    Also, consultation with related specialists (pediatrician, cardiologist, phrenologist, therapist, urologist, gynecologist, etc.) is appointed.

    1. What are the complications of canthoplasty?

    Possible complications of canthoplasty in Iran are asymmetry of the eyes and face, inability to close the eyelids, inflammation, and tissue necrosis in the suture area. If the patient follows the recommendations of the doctor, the risk of complications is minimized.

    After canthoplasty in Iran, you may experience induration in the suture area, swelling, hematoma, dry eyes, irritation, and discomfort. Serious complications include non-closure of the eyelids – too much excision of the skin, eversion of the eyelid, too much tension in the tendons or muscles; suppuration of the seams, bleeding – the stitches are not tight enough; significant dry eye – damage or blockage of the lacrimal canal.

    We will have to postpone the operation in case of exacerbation of any chronic disease, or tissue inflammation. People who regularly take oral contraceptives, anticoagulants, and other drugs that affect blood clotting will also need to wait. They should be stopped at least one month before surgery.

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