marijana on skin

Effects of marijuana on the skin

Marijuana is gaining popularity for both medical and recreational purposes. While it has been discovered to offer several health advantages, it also has significant hazards. One of the most important impacts of marijuana on the skin is the possibility of acne flare-ups. This is because marijuana can cause an increase in sebum production, which can […]

Lip Fillers' side effects

Lip Fillers side effects

Lip fillers are a common cosmetic surgery used to plump up the lips. But, just like any other medical operation, there are dangers and adverse effects. This article will go through the possible side effects of lip fillers and how to deal with them if they arise. We’ll also look at what precautions should be […]

Best Breast Implant

Best Breast Implant Brands in 2023

Breast implants are more common than ever thanks to technological breakthroughs. As a result, an increasing number of firms are launching their distinctive products on the market. Women will have a wide range of breast implant brand options to choose from in 2023. This article will give a summary of the top breast implant manufacturers […]

preparation for liposuction

Preparation for liposuction

Preparation for liposuction Liposuction is a well-liked cosmetic operation that can help you reduce extra body fat and alter your physical appearance. Before having a liposuction treatment, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. Understanding the dangers and advantages of liposuction, speaking with your doctor, and taking measures to make sure you’re in good health before the […]

Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Weight loss plateaus are extremely common after a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This is a normal part of the weight loss journey and should not be feared. It is important to remember that the goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not simply to lose weight, so it is important to focus on improving your […]

Bruising after nose job

Bruising after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that can be used to reshape the nose. It can be used to reduce or increase the size of the nose, change the shape of the bridge or tip, narrow the nostrils, or correct structural defects in the nose. Rhinoplasty can also be used […]

The Best plastic surgeons in Iran

Best plastic surgeons in Iran for plastic surgeries

Iran is one of the best countries that has continuously accomplished awesome success within the field of plastic surgery. The Best plastic surgeons in Iran have achieved a high percentage of successful plastic surgery. So, these surgeries have been exceptionally acknowledged and fulfilled by the patients. A plastic surgeon may be a specialist prepared in […]

10 ways to get rid of stretch marks

10 ways to get rid of stretch marks

What is a stretch mark? Stretch marks are mainly the consequences of fairly rapid and prolonged stretching of the skin. Stretch marks treatment takes time. This is mainly due to pregnancy and weight gain. Of course, this aesthetic defect, fortunately, does not occur in everyone, but only in the case of insufficient elasticity of the […]

Cameron Diaz nose job

10 celebrities who got nose jobs

It’s interesting to know what cosmetic surgery like nose jobs, how common is in the new century. Related to confidence or just a beautifying adventure, getting nose job operations are the most rated among cosmetic surgeries. People, all around the world, try to look attractive. The nose, being located in the center of the face […]

Beauty surgery

preparation for rhinoplasty

There are some points for patients to follow that can be called the preparation for rhinoplasty procedures. Whether they are informed by doctors or surgeons or getting aware somewhere outside of a clinic. However, we make our efforts to make you ready for the rhinoplasty surgery. Despite getting nervous or sometimes excited before beauty surgery, […]

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